Samora is an enthusiastic creator focused on creating in demand web experiences for his users.

Hi there

Samora is an enthusiastic creator known for his blend of technical and design abilities, using his skills to create visually appealing and functional web experiences for users.

Currently, Samora focuses on frontend development and visual design at Kriterion, leveraging some of the trendiest and latest technologies. Working closely with his team, Samora's role is key in conceptualizing designs and translating them into workable, wonderful features.

Before joining Kriterion in October 2021, Samora was a PHP developer under contract at Providence Software Solutions. This was his first official developer role and an exciting opportunity. Although his first contract role was at Providence, his journey as a software developer began before this.

In December 2020, Samora received an unexpected opportunity to work on a short-term project as an Android developer. This was the first time Samora worked on a team of developers and designers. Up until this point, Samora worked predominantly on small freelance projects as a way to build experience to a limited capacity.

His educational background is based in the creative field, having obtained his Bachelor's in Film Arts from Open Window, an institute based in Centurion, Gauteng.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Samora is an avid outdoor enthusiast, enjoying activities like hiking and rock climbing, and maintaining an active lifestyle through various types of physical activities.

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