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الرئيسيةTop NewsYou can now hide your private chats

You can now hide your private chats

A new feature of the messaging service allows you to lock private conversations.

Make your private chats even more private: That’s WhatsApp’s goal with its new “Chat Lock” feature. This option will allow users to further protect their conversations, especially with a unique code or biometric data (fingerprint or facial recognition) stored on the device.

When “Lock” is selected, the chat will appear in a separate tab from other conversations and notifications related to that chat will be hidden. Media no longer automatically saves to phone and photo gallery.

“We think this feature works best if you share your phone with a family member or if someone else is using your phone at the exact moment you receive a special message,” WhatsApp explains. His blog post.

The function was soon refined

To lock one of your conversations, tap the name of a person or group and select the Lock option.

This new feature is already rolling out on devices. However, the company notes that in the coming months, this option will be refined and, among other things, will allow the use of a personalized password for each discussion, different from the phone.

There are already other methods to lock down the messaging service, notably by setting conditions for accessing the app from your smartphone settings. A more serious technique but it’s perfect for people who want to keep their conversations private.

Key ingredients

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