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Xbox Design Lab: New options to customize your Xbox Elite Series 2 Xbox One

Since last October, Microsoft has offered us the opportunity to customize the Xbox Elite Series 2 to our liking, using color palettes on different parts of the controller through Design Lab. Today, the program is enriched by offering new colors, but also the arrival of new buttons.

New colors for even more possibilities

In fact, if you visit the design lab, you’ll find a new arrival of intense colors like Garnet Red, Glacier Blue or Deep Pink, not to mention the black ABXY buttons.

The service has 16 main colors for the front and back, 17 for the paddles and directional pad, 12 for the ABXY buttons and 25 for the rest of the controller. It will no longer be difficult for you to imagine the Xbox Elite Series 2 in the image of a game.

Depending on the customization options, if ordered with or without controller accessories, the invoice for this premium item can range up to 209.98 euros versus 139.99 euros for the most basic model.

It is indeed possible to engrave a small text up to 16 characters, but its backpack, joysticks + BMT and its carrying case and charging accessories, are all customizable!

If you were thinking of offering one through your Microsoft account balance or Microsoft Rewards, then forget about this opportunity because it is not possible.

> Customize the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

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