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With the Aukus alliance, the US, Australia and the UK want to counter China’s military ambitions

A massive industrial effort, an unprecedented partnership, and a common interest: China. Eighteen months after the formation of the Aukus Alliance between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, the leaders of the three countries met on Monday, March 13, at Point Loma Naval Base in San Diego (California). The American president, Joe Biden, the premier Australian ministre, Anthony Albanese, and his homologue Britannique, Rishi Sunak, have established a plan to develop sous-marines in propulsion nucléaire and armement conventionnel, which pays less than three Long term. “History day” , Received the American president.

The three countries will significantly join hands to manufacture a new generation of attack submarines, called “SSN-Aukus”. From this year, for training purposes, Australian personnel will be transferred to American and British submarines, which will also conduct more courses in Australia.

Since the beginning of the thirties of the current century, as soon as the US Congress gives its approval, the United States intends to transfer three Virginia-class submarines to Australia, With the possibility of selling two more pieces if necessary., identifies the joint press release. Washington will invest $2.4 billion (about 2.2 billion euros) in its industrial sites and $2.2 billion in maintaining Virginia submarines, between 2023 and 2027, the first massive industrial challenge.

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It is only in the second phase that Canberra will receive new submarines, SSN-Aukus, based on a British design but with American technologies on board. So far, Washington has only shared this equipment with London.

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Three “maritime democracies” confront China

At the end of the 30s of our century, the UK will have to deliver its first product made in Canberra. It will be necessary to wait until the beginning of the forties, that is, twenty years later, until Australia builds the first submarine entirely on its territory. “Our plan is to increase the industrial capabilities of all three countries to produce interoperable nuclear-powered submarines for decades to come, expand our individual and collective submarine presence in the Indo-Pacific region, and contribute to global security and stability.”The statement said.

The ambitions are impressive, but achieving them will take decades, raising serious questions about the industrial, military and financial capabilities of the three countries to meet the challenge. The lack of a joint cost in the official press release and the distribution of liabilities among each capital reinforces this question.

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