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Winamp is back: he’s unrecognizable

At the end of 2021, Winamp announced its long-awaited revenue. After a moment of silence, the wait is over: the new Winamp is here.

Before the advent of Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and others, music was listened to on CD, vinyl or MP3. That’s how some software had its heyday: media players.

Windows Media Player and iTunes refer to the built-in media players on Windows and Mac respectively. However, Winamp is a popular choice due to its flexible design, its many extensions and especially its customizable skins.

At the end of 2021, Winamp announced the return of the legendary player of the MP3 era. It initially raised questions about the reasons for this return and a waiting list was put in place. However, there was radio silence for several months. Today, the reader is back and surprises everyone.

A web application

The surprise is not how Winamp works, but that it is now an accessible platform. In fact, those who signed up on the waiting list received a link to click. This link does not lead to a download, but a player launched directly in a web browser.

Can’t play local music or upload music. Winamp has changed a lot. Winamp users are now limited to a small selection of artists who collaborate with the service to promote their music.

Winamp also offers sections dedicated to podcasts and radio stations, allowing you to browse by genre. In some cases, paid subscriptions are required to listen to some artists. The goal is to create incentives for musicians to submit their work to Winamp.

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