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Why this is an incredible endless fail for Naughty Dog

Since the disastrous release of the PC port The Last of Us Part I – Remake At the end of March, it’s full panic for the naughty dog. What happened or why is it so far away?

Until recently, it was assumed that Naughty Dog Studios would benefit from the success of its series. The Last of Us to create A nice circle between his games and other projects. After all, it started with an explosion in sales The Last of Us Part I At the beginning of the series The Last of Us on HBO. For the first time in the series, many discover Joel and Ellie’s backstories, bringing new life to the video game franchise.

A breath was finally cut off quickly. There is no new announcement for the license after the miracle The Last of Us – Part II, Naughty Dog was one of its first major failures From the end of March. Actually, the PC port The Last of Us Part I – Remake Neil spoils the party for the company of Druckman, who is sorely missed. And despite the company’s best efforts to fix the problem for over a week, It’s always a hassle.

Beware of dogs

After successfully completing the system conversion from him Untitled: Legacy of Thieves In 2022, corporate America is now tripping over the carpet in what should have been a formality. Above all, The Last of Us Part I is a game that is over ten years old now And there’s plenty of time for its remake to launch last year. Still, nothing went as planned.

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Since its release on March 28, negative feedback has been unanimous. The PC port is denied by special considerations such as Steam ratings It’s full of bugs, unplayable on average builds, and very poorly optimized Generally. A disaster release that gave players a bitter taste of a product that simply wasn’t finished.

Naughty Dog immediately took charge and rushed to Twitter for a mea culpa. The company announces after a series of updates To get his game out of the doldrums.

Our team is working hard to resolve the issues that are currently preventing some of you from enjoying the game and to ensure that you achieve the quality you expect and deserve.“Thus said the publisher.

However, a week later, the game’s rating on Steam is still not attractive (53% negative out of 1400 ratings) and still reflects ongoing dissatisfaction. This is no doubt internal panic for the US company as hotfixes have been deployed on the chain for days.

After testing the computer for 5 minutes

On April 4, the publisher said (still on Twitter) that it is working on several other patches to save the game… but not all of its problems can be managed for now:

We know many of you would love to play The Last of Us Part I on Steam.

The Steam Tech version will be effectively unplayable, which still annoys console users. However, there is one major concern that should be ignored The devs fix everything else while they still have their work cut out for them. Definitely… this whole story reminds me of a certain publication Cyberpunk 2077.

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Twisting or not crushing?

How did such confusion arise? It’s so ridiculous that we remember Neil Druckman tweaking the strategy for Naughty Dog back in January to avoid this kind of situation. The idea was to stop announcing (or releasing) games too quickly to put less pressure on developers’ shoulders, and more Finally stop the crunch policy in the studio. In this way, Naughty Dog wants to soon pride itself on publishing only the best polished and optimized games created in a healthy environment (as it should be everywhere).

A naughty dog ​​developer wanders in

It seems quite the opposite here. Is this PC port intended to be released after the HBO series ends? Whatever the answer, So the studio now humorously explained the problem it wanted to avoidWith this The Last of Us (literally) apocalyptic.

Let’s hope that new lessons are learned (once again) from this incredible jam, and that future patches (the next one is this weekend) allow Naughty Dog to save the day.


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