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الرئيسيةTop NewsWhen Google and the Pixies team up to sabotage your alarm clock

When Google and the Pixies team up to sabotage your alarm clock

Pixies reveal their new power: disabling Android alarms.

Ah, the voice assistant on Android devices is so practical and efficient… except when it wakes you up to the sound of “Where’s My Mind” by the Pixies. In fact, this worship song seems to have the power to disable your Android smartphone’s alarm. Don’t panic, this isn’t a conspiracy by Pixies to make you miss your alarm clock, but a funny coincidence worth sharing.

Where is my mind? » Pixies

Let’s start from the beginning: An Android user complained Reddit Some mornings his smartphone alarm doesn’t go off, and he has to rely on a second scheduled security alert 30 minutes later. After the trial of this modern-day Sherlock Holmes, the culprit is none other than the classic “ Where is my mind? From Pixies.

Why this song you ask? Well, it’s all in the introduction: popular Uhhhhhh Pixies bassist Kim Diehl speaks, followed by “ Stop! “. See what I mean? User set Spotify playlist as alarm tone for Android alarm and it ” Where is my mind? It was often the first song.

Android voice assistants, always looking for commands, ask this ” Stop ! And, not one or two, turn off the alarm. Needless to say Hey Google The assistant is so eager that he obeys Kim Teel without asking questions. This event has been confirmed By Android Police, posted a video showing how it takes less than two seconds to silence an Android alarm with the song in question. Check out other songs that contain the phrase ” StopDon’t turn off the alarm — the oddity here is that the word is spoken before the music starts, tricking Google Assistant.

Sorry about that! ⏰📱🛑

— PIXIES (@PIXIES) May 3, 2023

Buxified by the story, Pixies shared the news on Twitter, apologizing for the failed revivals. If you’re a fan of Pixies and using an Android device, it’s best to avoid setting this title as your alarm music unless you want to play Russian Silly with your alarm clock.

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