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What is the best generative AI?

Google Bart is finally here, and while it’s not yet integrated with the Google search engine, it can answer questions. We asked Bing Chat, Google Bard, and ChatGPT the same questions to find out which of Microsoft, Google, or OpenAI has the best AI-powered chatbot.

Microsoft ChatGPT vs Google Bard, both AIs represented by robots // Source: Image created by Frontroid with Midjourney

That’s it, after months of waiting, Google Bart has finally been tested by everyone. In fact, it’s only available in English and outside the European Union, but we were still able to test Google Bard’s capabilities with the various questions we put to them, comparing them to Bing Chat and ChatGPT.

It should be noted that the use of each tool is slightly different. Bing Chat is designed like a search engine, favoring the resources it uses in its answers, which its competitors don’t. Also, Bing Chat and ChatGPT work on the same language model, but not the same version: it’s GPT-4 for Bing Chat and GPT-3.5 for ChatGPT (GPT-4 is available there by getting a paid subscription).

What is the difference between Google Bard, Bing Chat and ChatGPT?

All three responses are fairly balanced: each of the three tools recognizes their qualities and the qualities of the others by describing their functions and uses. Bart says that ChatGPT is not publicly available, which is completely false. Bing, meanwhile, is Bart “Often provides less text-heavy responses”, which, according to our tests carried out in the Google tool, is incorrect.

On the ChatGPT page, there is a huge error, “Google Bart is limited to creating poems and cannot provide answers to questions“. But after September 2021 OpenAI’s chatbot won’t be aware of the presence of Google Bard or Bing Chat, so it’s completely inventing what he’s writing. If there’s a need to appoint asuccess“, that’s probably Google, with a summary table of each tool’s capabilities and its suggested bullet list.

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Cover letter writing using artificial intelligence

We asked all three kits to write a cover letter: “I want to join the editorial staff of Frontroid as a journalist and I need a cover letter. Write for me.The most disappointing is obviously Bing Chat, which only offers consensus advice on how to write a letter.

The other two IAs each wrote several paragraphs with the same construct: interest in new technologies and professional challenges, journalism skills, past experiences, and finally motivation. However, both create things that can go completely wrong, especially with advanced skills and previous experiences. But, by going further into the customization of the request, both are useful. Note that Bart has included a link to an article that gives advice on writing your cover letter.

Summary of today’s news: Who is the best AI?Journalist»?

At this point, ChatGPT is undeniably incompetent because, as previously stated, its knowledge is not updated, so it’s not even worth trying. We asked what the big news of the day was in France.

On Bing’s side, he was content to give two French public news sites. Google was actually the best, offering five messages with two to three sentences per message without citing its sources.

Recipes: Which AI is Best?cook»?

These text generation tools can provide inspiration and ideas. That’s why we asked them to find cooking recipes from a practical case: leftovers in the fridge, in this case, onions.

Bing mainly provides real cooking recipes with a bulleted list. For ChatGPT, it describes some recipe steps specifying the required ingredients. Bart is less talkative as he only describes the dishes he serves without actually explaining how to make them.

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Your next banker won’t be an artificial intelligence

What is expected of an artificial intelligence is that it performs some difficult tasks for us like calculations. We asked three instruments to determine the payoff from the bank book by specifying the initial amount and interest rate, and this over five years.

Bing is much less adventurous because it represents us as a simulator of interest, content to check our information. As for ChatGPT, it indicates that the indicated rate is poor (this is normal, its training data is not updated), but still calculates. Google Bart does the same and tries to calculate. The problem is that nothing is right; Both ChatGPT and Bard are incorrect in the calculations given, although they add caveats to the calculations made.

Generate system code

Another test: writing computer code. We know that artificial intelligence tools save a lot of time for IT developers. This is the case with Microsoft’s Copilot or Amazon’s Code Whisperer. We asked AIs to perform a task “Simple“, meaning a crab formation. All of them have written code that should work in Python language.

A morphian coded entirely in Python by satgpt // Source: Frandroid

Actually, only one of ChatGPT’s codes managed to work. The code Bing wrote was so short that it looked unfinished. As for Bard, it looks like he got mixed up and added a parameter to a variable, the latter being defined later in the code.

Google Bard, Bing Chat, ChatGPT: Which is the best AI?

Finally, each of these three chatbots has strengths and weaknesses. When Bing Chat sources its information, its responses are often very short and incomplete. ChatGPT is great at this, but can’t process current data without a plugin. Finally, Google Bart is in between: it sometimes sources its information and is very thorough, especially in the way it provides its answers. It often provides bulleted lists, tables, etc. In terms of performance, it is a winner over ChatGPT and Bing Chat. But it is not free from flaws.

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Google Bart”emotion», for example, the regular use of enhancing adjectives to describe people. Also, it’s not available in French or even in France: without a VPN and not comfortable with English, using it would be complicated. If we have to take precautions when using Bard, we must recognize that Google’s chatbot is very promising and can profoundly change online search when integrated with Google.

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