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What are the dangers of having your Nintendo Switch plugged into its dock?

The democratization of lithium-ion batteries and the increase in their capacities have profoundly changed the use of our electronic devices. No extra charges that last all night, most smartphones or tablets today only need a few hours to function. That’s good, plugging your connected devices for too long is now not recommended, otherwise your battery will die.

However, some devices have the annoying habit of being plugged in all day. This is especially true on the Nintendo Switch. The American giant’s hybrid console features a handy charging dock to not only play on the big screen, but to protect it and charge it when not in use. Unless you use the console regularly, it quickly becomes indispensable based on the very limited autonomy of the device.

Turning the Switch On Its Documentation: Bad Idea?

One might wonder, since the Nintendo Switch is equipped with a classic lithium-ion battery Extended charging at the dock Damage to the hybrid console may occur. Do not panic, the Japanese manufacturer assures. On that day Its official websiteThe company refers to its console as “Can be left in the docking station when not in use“. She continues to explain: “Leaving the console in the docking station or directly plugged in with the AC adapter overnight or beyond where the battery is fully charged will not damage the battery.“.

So no risk, damage your Nintendo Switch, even if the console has been on its bottom for days. The dock only offers a partial charge cycle, which the company promises will theoretically not damage the battery. Be careful however, this implied warranty appears to only be valid for loading on an official basis. If you get along Plug your console into its classic USB-C portThe company did not give any details of an early sour.

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Watch out for the bill!

However, keeping your Switch permanently charged is not a good idea. Electricity prices have exploded in recent months, and leaving your devices plugged in when you’re not using them isn’t the best idea for your bank account, even if the savings are actually pretty minimal. And, despite Nintendo’s reassuring message, it’s best to only charge your console when you need it, while making sure the battery doesn’t drain to zero.


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