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Video. Taxi Radio Intercepts with International Space Station: Driver’s Voice Broadcast Live in Space

A strange interruption appeared during a spacewalk on the ISS.

During the night last Tuesday into Wednesday, Russian cosmonauts Sergei Prokofiev and Dmitry Petlin moved a radiator from the Rosvet module. International Space Station For Nauka Science Module. An additional vehicle requiring an additional 8 hours of intervention. During this operation, the ISS flew over Argentina several times. This is where A Funny Interruption The announcement came during a live broadcast of the event on NASA’s YouTube channel.

While watching the spacewalk video feed, Spanish journalist Manuel Massandi suddenly heard a voice with an Argentinian accent. It seemed to come from thisA taxi driver He tries to make sure he got an address right.

The interruption was loud and clearly audible, but only lasted three short seconds. You can hear this unusual sequence in an extract shared by a science journalist on Twitter. We hear the following words: 150 Irigoyen, did you say?

“150 Digiste, from Irigoyen?”

¿Alguien me puede explicar esto?

Spatial caminata se escucha lo que paresiera ser un radio taxi en argentina…o algun servicio de delivery in full exchange? \ud83d\udc47

— Manuel Mazzanti (@manumazzanti) April 19, 2023

How can this interference be explained?

It now remains to systematically determine the origin of this interference. A driver, a deliveryman, a postman? What about its location? Although the address where the signal originated has not been confirmed, the location of the ISS at the time of the incident indicates that it emanated from the province. Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Either way, the local radio signal interferes with the VHF or UHF signal from the International Space Station. The operator may have operated on a frequency assigned to NASA Or Roscosmos (Russian Space Agency), which could explain the phenomenon.

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