Sunday, June 4, 2023
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video. Rugby 7: Les Bleues lose in the semi-finals and will play for the bronze medal against Australia

And the New Zealanders outperformed the French, on Sunday morning, in the semi-finals of the French Sevens Championship in Toulouse (31-7), despite good resistance against the first team from the women’s circle.

France’s rugby 7s team will not play in this France Sevens Final in Toulouse, following their semi-final defeat this Sunday morning by New Zealand (31-7). A big result for the Blues who were brave against the New Zealanders, finishing first in the women’s circuit standings.

After a great start to the match on the French side, it was the opposition captain, Sarah Hereny, who scored the first try of the match (3), before Séraphine Okemba answered it with a brilliant dash from over 50m (5). Blow for blow, the “Black Ferns” immediately regained the lead.

In the second half, New Zealand’s attacks were sharp and rewarding, while the French faced a good defence, finding themselves too close to try several times. In the first semi-final, the USA beat Australia (10-7), thanks to a try scored at the end of the match. So Les Bleues will challenge the Australians, who were previously defeated yesterday in the group stage (19-12), in the afternoon (4:37 p.m.).

Carla Nessen (hat.) : “Disappointed with the result. After that, we can be proud of ourselves. We showed some play, but we let them do that sometimes. We have to go to that third place and we mustn’t lower our heads. After the first attempt, we’ve managed to bounce back. If We managed to answer them after the second attempt, so maybe it will be another match. You have to finish on a good note and not leave disappointed.”

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Joanna Gray We shouldn’t count on the result. I think we’ve never come close to their difficulty situation. There’s still third place, we have to switch after these kinds of defeats. We’ll recover to get this bronze. We couldn’t finish our chances. We’ll try to put the same components exactly as yesterday (Victory over Australia, editor’s note) , will “.


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