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Two people have been arrested in Australia for riding a train with a platypus

A young platypus was found in the arms of a young couple in the middle of a train station on Thursday, April 6 in Australia. The two individuals were arrested because removing this animal from its natural habitat is strictly prohibited.

This is a private discovery made by Australian law enforcement on Thursday, April 6th in Queensland. A couple was spotted, via CCTV footage dated April 4, at a train station in Brisbane, Northern Australia, holding a baby platypus covered in a bath towel in their arms before boarding a commuter train.

In the footage, the man appears in slippers walking on the station platform while holding a platypus under his arm. Geo Magazine reports. The couple then enjoyed the animal by “patting it and showing it to other passengers,” according to Queensland Police.

Platypus in a mall

It added in a statement that the couple were seen showing the animal to people at a mall.

The man and woman then “release” the baby platypus into the river, but it has not yet been “located by the authorities”, who are trying to find it to ensure its health.

The authorities will also test the kidnappers, as the male platypus is poisonous and has an spur that causes excruciating pain when in contact with human flesh.

$430,000 fine?

The two individuals will appear in court on Saturday, April 8, accused of animal protection offenses. In fact, Queensland legislation prohibits the removal of platypuses from their natural habitat, under penalty of a fine of A$430,000, or €264,000.

The platypus is a nocturnal and shy animal, now found only in eastern Australia. It feeds on worms, insects and small crustaceans.

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