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الرئيسيةTop NewsTwo fishermen rescued from a desert island after six days without water...

Two fishermen rescued from a desert island after six days without water or food

Eleven Indonesian fishermen survived A Storm He was killed by Tropical Cyclone Elsa and was eventually rescued by the authorities Australian this week, CNN reports. They spent six days on a desert island, called Bidwell, without water or food. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said: boat of ten men who ran aground due to bad weather.

The eleventh comes from another ship that sank, BBC says. M Fisherman He will be the only survivor out of the 10 crew members and will swim for several hours, clinging to a jerrycan, before being retrieved by the other castaways.

temporary camp

The eleven men were spotted by an Australian Border Force aircraft. They were going to build a temporary camp on shore Bidwell, 300 km from the town of Broome, using the remains of boats. A helicopter was dispatched to the scene to rescue the fishermen, who were then taken to hospital.

After returning to the mainland on Monday evening, the castaways have received medical treatment and will be able to return to their homeIndonesia when they are better. “They are all in good health, despite their distress,” a spokesman for the Border Police said. Quoted by ABC.

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