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الرئيسيةTop NewsThis prototype PC goes a long way in its magic

This prototype PC goes a long way in its magic

Manufacturer Compal Electronics has a new idea for a portable computer. This concept integrates a joystick directly.

You may not be familiar with the manufacturer Compal Electronics. This Chinese manufacturer actually offers machines designed and ready to sell under well-known brands such as Acer, HP, Lenovo or Dell. Behind this manufacturer hides the assembly of some products like the Apple Watch Series 4.

To convince more and more customers, Compal engineers like to look for ideas that cannot be found anywhere else. Participating mobile gaming cockpits have done just that In the If Design 2023 competition as I found it on the Minimachines site. A concept that goes far, far too far in innovation.

A laptop for Forza and Flight Sim players

The laptop designed by Gumball includes a foldable handle. It uses a yoke design and should allow a car or plane to handle properly. Forza MotorsportAnd Flight simulator. According to Compal, this machine is designed “ Generation Z wants to be fully immersed in the game “.

As Minimachines points out, the idea is simply ridiculous. We’re beyond a mainstream product because it’s hard to imagine this idea going beyond the concept stage. As you can see, this handle assembly is done with an expandable structure that we imagine is very fragile. It’s also hard to imagine the power feedback being sufficient to convince such a small device.

After all, you have to imagine the viewing angle at which the device is mounted on the screen of the laptop PC. A desktop PC has a dedicated peripheral with a screen placed above the steering wheel in the field of vision. Here, that may not be the case.

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Apparently at this point, Gumball hasn’t given any characterization on this machine, which will never see the light of day. It’s always interesting to see manufacturers racking their brains to come up with new ideas and try things out. But here, we’re not really admitting that we don’t believe.

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