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الرئيسيةTop NewsThe Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition want Julian Assange released

The Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition want Julian Assange released

With our correspondent in Sydney, Gregory Place

Business Anthony Albanese assures him that he has repeatedly asked the US government to drop the pursuit of Julian Assange, but to no avail so far. The founder of WikiLeaks, an Australian citizen, is accused of disclosing classified documents and attacking US national security. He faces 175 years in prison.

Currently in London, where he will attend tomorrow, Saturday, May 6 at Coronation of Charles IIIHe told ABC News of his upset over the matter: There is enough. We have to put an end to this issue. And we have to work on it, including through diplomatic channels, but we have made our position clear on the issue of Mr. Assange. »

The problem is that last month, Penny Wong, the Australian foreign minister, said that diplomacy has its limits and that at her level she can do no more.

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Towards a conversation with Joe Biden

More surprisingly, the Leader of the Opposition, Peter Dutton, also considered that Julian Assange’s imprisonment had dragged on for too long, while during the 10 years of Conservative rule, of which he was one of the most prominent members, Australia had shown no interest. Whatever the fate of one of its citizens.

For his part, Anthony Albanese has specified that he will speak directly with Joe Biden about it when he comes to Sydney, in two weeks, for the summit. quad (for quadruple security dialogue)It will also be attended by the Prime Ministers of India and Japan.

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