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The Frightening Intrusion of Artificial Intelligence into Politics

Letter from Washington

Joe Biden writes: “My campaign will focus on the values ​​that have guided me throughout my career: dignity, integrity, respect for all. I believe that we must come together as a country and work towards a common goal of progress and unity. » The President adds: “Every donation, no matter how small, helps us build a grassroots movement that makes a real impact on the lives of Americans.”

Joe Biden never wrote this. ChatGPT, the first prototype of artificial intelligence in chat form, took only a few seconds to make a basic request: “Write a letter to Democratic activists to raise funds for Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign.” The answer appeared immediately. Too many clichés? Of course. But the most humane political leaders put it on the airwaves every day.

Ideally, it is necessary to repaint the ChatGPT style, sharpen the formulas and update the arguments, but the demonstration is made: artificial intelligence (AI) will undoubtedly be a new tool in the upcoming presidential election. “Republican and Democratic engineers are racing to develop tools that use AI to make ads more effective, engage in predictive analysis of popular behavior, create increasingly personalized content, and spot new patterns in mountains of election data” In short The The New York Times In a fascinating article Published on March 28. We specifically learned that the Democratic National Committee already uses AI to write drafts that are then corrected by human hands.

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The erosion of truth

Practitioners employed by campaign groups for menial and frequent tasks are a cause for concern: they risk being replaced by computers with complete autonomy thanks to their learning capabilities. But this intrusion of AI into politics is above all fraught with threats to the health of public debate, already severely damaged by the past two presidential cycles. As we know, in the world of MAGA (“Make America Great Again”, Donald Trump’s slogan), the tendency to reject established facts, discredit expertise (scientific or medical), and succumb to conspiracy theories. This erosion of truth, sending everyone to their own card beliefs, risks increasing to frightening proportions with AI.

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