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The country’s largest insurance company was hacked, ten million customers’ data was stolen

(Very) bad news for millions of people. Medibank, providerhealth insurance more important thanAustraliawas a victim Internet attack widely during the month of October. Initially, the number of victims was estimated at 4 million. But ultimately 10 million customers will be affected, according to information from bloomberg relayed by BFM technology Monday.

According to Medibank, the hackers stole customers’ personal data such as their first and last name, date of birth, email and postal address as well as their phone number. Some Medicare numbers, which are equivalent to a Social Security number, are also among the files stolen. Just like passport numbers of foreign students and information about clients of insurance company affiliates.

The number of victims could still be increased

According to information from Bloomberg, Medibank was asked for a ransom, but refused to pay. “Based on the advice we received from cybercrime experts, paying the ransom does not guarantee us 100% recovery of our customers’ data, or prevent it from being published. In fact, paying may have the opposite effect and encourage criminals to extort directly from our customers; so there is a good chance that it is Payment has a negative impact on more people, ”justified David Kojkar, CEO of Medibank Group.

The extent of the damage caused by this massive cyber attack has yet to be determined. The number of victims could still increase. An internal audit will make it possible to take an inventory.

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