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الرئيسيةTop NewsThe controversial Lake Inge project in Australia

The controversial Lake Inge project in Australia

With our correspondent in Sydney, Gregory Place

The equivalent of 290,000 Olympic-size swimming pools is the amount of water needed to fill the huge hole left by the old Hazelwood Colliery. The project carried out by Engy worries environmental activists. Thus, Briony Lipsky is the association’s attorney Environment Australiaalarmed at the effect such a project could have on the surrounding waterways.

« If we take this water from the wetlands and rivers in the region, the potential impact on indigenous communities, farmers and fishermen would be significant. she explained.

Fear of dehydration

This region, like most of Australia, is subject to drought on a regular basis. It could also return at the end of the year, according to meteorologists. A topic that Ryan Auger, General Secretary of Engie Australia, wants to check on:

« All other water users will have priority forever. Whether local industries, farmers and all others who need water for their activities, it will always come before the needs of the Hazelwood Mine. reassured Ryan Auger.

This project has not yet been validated. Angie must submit an environmental impact study to the Victorian authorities.

In addition, Angie ensures that the water under the mine, which is so deep that it goes into the water table that has already filled the mine a bit, is tested every single day. It is not drinkable, but it is not toxic either.

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