Monday, May 29, 2023
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The consequences can be ‘serious’

On Monday they are watching for the formation of a low pressure front still in the sea off the coastal city of Broome, which should generate tropical cyclone named Elsa once storms and rain makes landfall.

The consequences of the hurricane, forecast as a category 4, could be “hazardous” during the week along the coast between Broome, a mining town popular with tourists, and Port Hedland, also a mining town, in the southwest state. Australia.

Tens of thousands of residents and travelers have been warned about the dangerous weather forecast, with risks of power outages, downed trees, and torn roofs. Communities may find themselves isolated. So much so, that some locals have already begun stocking up on food, as evidenced by empty supermarket shelves in the Port Hedland community, according to local media reports.

According to the Australian Meteorological Service, the category 4 hurricane is producing “extremely destructive” winds of between 225 and 279 kilometers per hour. The last hurricane of this intensity in Australia dates back to 2017, but it devastated areas on the opposite coast, in the resort of Airlie Beach in Queensland.

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