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الرئيسيةTop NewsThe "cold drop" phenomenon disturbs forecasts

The “cold drop” phenomenon disturbs forecasts

VAre you having bad weather? With more than expected rains in March and April, the good weather seems to have been postponed again. Parisian. In question is the “cold snap” phenomenon, which causes uncertainty about the weather for the next ten days.

“Two cold drops up […] Descending successively over the country, maintaining an unstable course in most regions”, notes the forecast bulletin of Météo-France. Behind this sibyl’s word hides a phenomenon familiar to meteorologists.

An event that is difficult to predict

A “cold drop” is a pocket of cold air that appears above 5,000 meters. “When the polar jet stream breaks up, sometimes a pocket of the circulation breaks out […] to descend to our latitudes”, referring to the site Meteo France. This weather phenomenon takes the form of a droplet and often causes unsettled weather, sometimes resulting in rain or strong winds. Difficult for experts to understand, this phenomenon makes weather forecasting very difficult.

The size of the “cold drop” can sometimes “create the size of a country like France”, Parisian Jérôme Legault, forecasting engineer at Meteo-France. This weather phenomenon usually occurs in the spring, however, “cold drops” disrupt the summer months, making them gloomy.

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While these mundane distractions usually frustrate vacationers, they can sometimes be beneficial. Thus, Europe experienced a heat wave in the summer of 2021. France was “protected” by a “cold drop”.Many fires will save him.



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