Sunday, June 4, 2023
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الرئيسيةTop NewsStrengthening INRAE ​​collaborations and partnerships in Australia

Strengthening INRAE ​​collaborations and partnerships in Australia

INRAE ​​and CSIRO – Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization In Australia, within the framework of the Framework Agreement signed in 2020, their collaboration has materialized through more than 230 joint publications over the 2017-2021 reference period, falling particularly on the topics of ecology, environmental sciences and plants. Since 2017, the two institutions have established a scholar exchange program (Joint Link Invitation, JLC) that supports cross-science mobility projects on topics of mutual interest. During the last call for 2023, 13 JLC projects were selected. During the visit, an agreement was signed to extend this JLC exchange program until 2025.

Supported by a scientific collaboration supported by a framework agreement renewed since 2004 with Irstea, Australian National University (ANU) signed with INRAE ​​on March 28, 2023 a framework cooperation agreement in the fields of agriculture, bio-economics, water, environment and food sciences. The heads of the two institutions also expressed, through a letter of intent, their joint desire to build an Associated International Laboratory (LIA) on the use of stable isotopes for seed and plant improvement.

With the desire to structure a partnership with two other reference universities in Australia, which are among the first Australian partners in terms of joint publications and scientific collaborations, two new framework agreements were signed in Canberra on March 28, with University of Queensland and with Melbourne University. These agreements lay the foundations for moving forward with relevant partnerships, through joint projects and cooperation tools.

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