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Spotify suffered a minor outage

On April 19 Spotify experienced operational issues.

If you listen to music already cached on your PC or smartphone, you may not have noticed it yet. However, early this Wednesday, April 19, in the early afternoon, evidence piled up about Spotify’s failure. Many Internet users use the keyword ” SpotifyDown to mark their dismay on Twitter.

Difficulties in writing Numerama on Spotify this April 19th. // Source: Screenshot

User reports say Spotify is having problems since 1:57 p.m. “, Paris time, wrote Down Detector account on the social network, a site dedicated to monitoring malfunctions of online services. This could be alerts about video games, internet access providers, hosts, video platforms or commercial sites.

On Town Detector’s Spotify page, the incident curve reflected the magnitude of the incident. Over 1,800 reports were calculated In the French version of the site, and ten times more English version. The account used to report the site’s status acknowledged itThere was a problemHowever without being able to specify its nature.

Cached music is skipped

If you listen to music or podcasts cached on your computer or your phone (iOS or Android), you’re unlikely to have encountered this problem. Spotify stores data locally on its customers’ devices to ensure a consistent delivery. This is useful if you use offline listening.

According to our findings, Spotify correctly loaded previously streamed tracks, but failed to play unpublished, never-played (or cached) tracks. Many of the editorial staff have noticed the issue on mobile and PC. By trying to show new pages, the app doesn’t load the content properly, and the app fumbles in a vacuum.

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Problem is, according to an additional post by Spotify Announced As a little before 3 o’clock settlement. At Town Detector, reports have peaked, and now the alerts are coming back.

Error loading Spotify
New titles cannot be started if they are not already cached on the system. // Source: Screenshot

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