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الرئيسيةTop NewsSmartphones and cash are the "remaining" stars of public transport

Smartphones and cash are the “remaining” stars of public transport

Mobile phone thefts have increased in their capabilities and prices. Remy Perrin/MaxPPB

Decryption – A recent study by statisticians at the Ministry of the Interior sheds light on everything that happens on rail or road networks of public transport in major French cities in terms of crime.

“Residuals” on the metro, bus, tram or RER? It still focuses on older mobile phones and more than ever: comparing the period 2013-2018 to 2008-2012, the proportion of victims reporting this highly valuable consumer item stolen in transit rose from 33% to 42%. It must be said that as the capabilities and prices of devices have increased, their appeal is growing.

“It’s not uncommon to see 1000 to 1500 euro smartphones in the hands of kids who wonder if they measure the true value of work”, a police officer on duty in the southern suburbs of Paris was furious. The incident testifies that, in his view, codes and other deterrents to thieves are rarely a deterrent. Many phones end up being recycled in faraway countries, Africa or the former Middle East. Networks are sprawling.

After mobiles, these…

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