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Samsung is following suit, better late than never

Samsung is betting on photography: if not original, the Galaxy S23 will benefit from functionality already found in Apple, Google and Xiaomi.

Samsung Galaxy S23 // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner and Chloé Pertuis

After the welcome update for the Z Fold 4 and Galaxy S21, Samsung is planning a camera update for its Galaxy S23 series of smartphones. While the May update has so far only fixed security issues, Samsung has confirmed that it has integrated at least one new feature. This information has been confirmed by Samsung in a community forum dedicated to its brand.

The May update rolling out in Europe mainly brings security fixes for Android. The camera fixes that were announced a few weeks ago will be incorporated in the next update.

Improved portrait mode

Expected new features include improvements to night mode and changes to portrait mode.

So far, Samsung has only offered two options for portrait shots: a non-zoom option with the main camera or a 3x mode using the telephoto lens. The next update should add a 2x zoom option, a 12MP lossless crop of a 50MP photo with the main camera. This is what we see in the iPhone 14 Pro.

On the iPhone 14 Pro, there are 3 options for portrait mode

Not only Apple, but Google and Xiaomi all offer some sort of “main sensor in-camera zoom” with portrait mode. In short, there is a few weeks to wait, but this is good news for users.

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