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الرئيسيةTop NewsSainz saved a penalty he received in Australia

Sainz saved a penalty he received in Australia

The FIA ​​has denied Scuderia Ferrari the right to review the penalty imposed on Carlos Sainz during the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

Carlos Sainz will not score any points in Melbourne. The Spanish Scuderia Ferrari driver knew he would keep the five-second penalty imposed on him at the end of the race. This penalty dropped him from fourth to twelfth place in the event’s final classification.

Before “l’injustice” From this punishment that “inconsistency” Compared to other previous rulings by the FIA ​​stewards, Ferrari exercised their right to review Sainz’s penalty.

Yesterday’s video meeting, however, the FIA ​​stewards who worked in Melbourne deemed the Scuderia’s request unacceptable because no new item was brought to file.

“We felt it was not necessary for us to hear Sainz or any other driver to decide that he was fully responsible for his collision with Alonso.” The FIA ​​stewards justify themselves in a new press release.

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“A decision that we, the other supervisory bodies, regularly take and encourage to take, when the cause of the collision is clear and it is necessary to issue time penalties as soon as possible.”

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