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PowerToys is enriched with ChatGPT on Windows

A plugin will soon be possible to use ChatGPT conversational intelligence directly from the search bar for Windows instead of going through the OpenAI website. A module that integrates into Microsoft’s PowerToys toolbox.

Created by a developer in a couple of hours, this plugin may eventually be integrated into official PowerToys updates. // Source: Simon Franco via Github

After the success of artificial intelligence ChatGPT, launched in late 2022, many developers are currently focusing on integrating chatbot into existing services and operating systems.

This is a case of a new plugin In development for PowerToysA popular productivity toolkit for Windows 10 and 11, shared at Software Github page. A tool that allows you to ask questions to ChatGPT anytime with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Run ChatGPT in the search bar

OpenAI’s conversational AI is already so easy to use that this plugin aims to avoid going to the official site to get results based on your text requests.

Created by Simone Franco, a developer already known for the WSATools application, this module is added to an existing tool: PowerToys Run, an omniscient search bar that allows you to find files, perform calculations or get a Google result in the same text field, activated by a simple keyboard shortcut.

I could #ChatGPT Inside #PowerToys Run

— Simone Franco (@Simizfo) March 12, 2023

ChatGPT plugin allows you to send your request directly to AI. As with other similar plugins for Run, type two question marks before its prompt.

As shown in the example image, you can type “?? Can you recommend me a tool to edit png files?To display ChatGPT’s response below the search bar. However, an OpenAI API key is required.

A tool that is not yet accessible

At this time, this module is not officially included in PowerToys, nor can it be easily installed via an EXE file. And for good reason: the plugin was created by the developer in just two hours.

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After receiving this He shared his idea on Twitter Clint Rutkas, PowerToys’ project manager, proposed to Simone Franco to make it an official tool in the long run. So the module should be integrated into Microsoft’s toolbox in the long run.

If you’re willing to be patient, you can contribute to its development via a dedicated Github page.

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