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PlayStation Q Lite: Details on Sony’s New Portable Console! | Xbox One

Sony has always been very hardware oriented, and according to recent rumors, a new portable PlayStation console is in development and will be released sooner than expected.

A portable PlayStation console to go hand in hand with the PS5

While PS5 sales continue to break records, with 32.1 million copies sold worldwide as of last February, PlayStation isn’t the only console in the works right now. According to the journalist Tom HendersonA new portable console is in development.

The next portable PlayStation console is codenamed Q Lite. According to its sources, the Q Lite is not a streaming device via the cloud, but it will use the PlayStation 5’s Remote Play – which was presented by Sony in recent weeks and which allows you to control the PS5 console from a mobile device. .

PlayStation Q Lite specs according to Insider Gaming sources:

  • 1080p / 60 FPS display
  • 8 inch LCD touch screen
  • A permanent internet connection is required
  • Adaptive stimuli
  • Volume buttons, speakers, audio input jack etc.

According to Tom Henderson, early prototypes of this new console look similar to the PlayStation 5 controller, but with a large 8-inch LCD touchscreen in the center. The device is equipped with adaptive stimuli for haptic feedback.

This new console will be part of what Sony is calling the “second phase” for the PS5. The brand should announce its PS5 with a removable disc drive, wireless headphones (Project Nomad), wireless headphones (Project Voyager) and this Q Lite, portable console. As for the PlayStation 5 Pro, it is slated for late 2024.

For now, it appears that the device can only work with a remotely connected PS5, but full details are still unknown. It will be interesting to see if Sony wants to make it a true console in its own right or an extension of the PS5.

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