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Nightly Synchronization in Ethereum: A Blockchain Suffering from a Mysterious Illness

Lighthouse chain From Ethereum He suddenly stopped checking volumes overnight at midnight French time. Although the interruption did not alter the basic operation of the main chain, the event took the community by surprise and sent an air of anxiety through the network of the world’s second largest cryptocurrency.

Ethereum, the tip of the problem (or tip problem)

Let’s clear up any ambiguity right away: No, Ethereum is not “stopped” and, as far as we know, the blockchain’s critical infrastructure has not suffered any major outages.

The crux of the issue appears to have tightened between epochs 200,552 and 200,554 of the Ethereum beacon chain. consensus layerA region of the network that creates operators of nodes that verify transactions.

For a few tens of minutes, time seems to be suspended in the Ethereum network, a situation that cannot be explained without a specific reason at the time of writing these lines.

The Ethereum development team soon indicated that they were working on the possible origin of this sudden outage.

The first elements, presented by some observers, are a persistent concern Related to the lack of diversity of node operators May be unrelated to the problem.

Cyber ​​security expert and consultant for Beacon Chain Superphys He took advantage of the opportunity emphasize This type of failure could be largely avoided if no actor (or group of actors) in the network controlled more than 33% of the nodes, calling for “greater diversity”.

While waiting for further explanations, let’s remember that Ethereum never actually crashes, its consensus mechanism only works for a few tens of minutes. A new opportunity to continue working on the resilience of the network, where user fees are re-pointed, Thanks for the PEPE season.

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