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Nexter and SERA Ingenierie together to create the “French Champion” of military robotics

The European military robotics sector is at risk of upheaval if Emirati group Edge takes control of Estonian company Milrem Robotics… which could cut off access to European defense funding [FEDef]This in principle excludes any manufacturer “in a third country or under the control of a company in a third country”.

However, Milrem Robotics coordinates the European iMUGS project [Integrated Modular Unmanned Ground System] And several robot platforms released in recent years by some manufacturers are based on its THeMIs robot. Nexter designed CNIM Industrial Systems’ ROCUS, MBDA’s anti-tank ground robot or Optio with its 20mm cannon to open jammed routes.

Exactly, and during the military programming bill [LPM] 2024-30 envisages a significant investment of 5 billion euros in support of robotic systems [drones aériens et navales, robots terrestres]The manufacturer has partnered with SERA Ingenierie [filiale du groupe SOGECLAIR] To create the “French Champion of Military Robotics”.

Through this agreement, which aims to provide “sovereign solutions”, Nexter and SERA Ingenieri, specialized in counter-mining, simulation and dynamic behavior of vehicles, intend to develop ground robots for the military based on the “PHOBOS” platform. Developed according to a modular structure, after ten years of investment, prioritizing mobility and autonomy.

“Weighing less than two tons empty and offering a one-ton payload, this versatile robotic carrier is designed to carry all types of mission kit. [outils, capteurs, effecteurs] “Nexter explains. And to add: “Its four independent wheels with reinforced suspensions allow it to easily follow the tracks of armored vehicles in service on any type of terrain at high speed. »

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For now, PHOBOS is equipped with a combustion engine… but it could have a hybrid or electric motorization. [la première étant plus efficace que la seconde, selon les retours d’expérience de l’armée de Terre avec le Robopex].

In robotics, Nexter has developed a “mobility autonomous tool that combines assisted tele-operation with autonomous capabilities that can be used in hostile environments. [suivi de personnel, suivi de route, suivi en convoi, ralliement sur point d’intérêt…] “In order to have an optimal human-robot system, each company’s contribution is adjusted as much as possible and in real time, regardless of the tactical situation”.

Without delay, Nexter and SERA Ingenierie unveiled their first joint project, the PHOBOS robotic carrier designed for engineering units. “Thanks to a sophisticated robotic architecture, this robot can carry out dangerous tasks such as countermeasures while ensuring the safety of its operators” while “combining superior mobility, ergonomics and a low logistical footprint”, advancing both partners.

Photo: VBMR-L Serval and PHOBOS robot – next


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