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New design, pinned message… 4 new things by May 2023

Over the past two years, WhatsApp has undergone a radical transformation. New changes coming soon. Here’s the recap!

WhatsApp has undergone a complete overhaul over the past two years. Every month, we are entitled to receive new content. This allows the instant messaging app to be brought into the modern age. After April’s features, many more have already been in beta testing for a few weeks. Although Meta hasn’t officially announced their arrival date, May 2023 is the perfect time to see these weird new features arrive.

The interface will refresh

Over the years, WhatsApp’s interface has remained the same. Almost no major changes except the arrival of the social tab and the relocation of the camera icon. Nevertheless, the meta has already been at it for a few weeks.

with sorting Version In the beta, we see that the app’s interface has been heavily modified. Basically, the new WhatsApp mobile app will feature Navigation bar with different sections. These are easily available to users.

Pin important messages

On WhatsApp, we receive millions of messages every month, especially if we are in discussion groups. So far the only option the application offers is to star messages. But that is changing soon.

Pin messages

Currently in beta testing, WhatsApp has added a feature to allowPin important messages to chat. It can be a group discussion or individual discussion. Pinned chats are visible at the top even if you scroll down a pile of posts.

To pin a message, select the message and press the Pin icon.

Lock specific chats

The feature appeared among beta testers on April 1, 2023. WhatsApp allows Hide private conversations from prying eyes.

More simply, you can lock conversations you don’t want anyone else to access. You can use a different password for each conversation. But usually it is possible Unlock all with fingerprint or through facial recognition.

Lock the conversation

Currently, WhatsApp allows you to lock the entire app with a password or fingerprint. Check out this article to learn how to do that.

Send short video messages

Soon, sending a video message will be as easy as sending an audio or text message. The feature has been in beta testing for over a week and will make it easier for users to chat.

Currently, WhatsApp allowsSend video messages, but the quality is still poor. As the feature is coming, the app should embed a more convenient button.

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