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My brother always puts hay on the phone. At first I laughed at him, now I do the same

Put a straw in your phone and you will say goodbye to a serious problem. This trick may seem strange at first glance, but it is very effective.

Wondering how a straw can be useful on a cell phone? It’s true that at first it might seem pretty ridiculous, but this trick actually works. It thoroughly cleans every nook and cranny of your phone, removing any dust that gets into the speakers or charging port.

Cleaning a cell phone is really not an easy task. Collects dust in hard-to-reach places. The speakers and charging port are very small spaces. It is almost impossible to manually remove the accumulated dirt without damaging the delicate components. The only solution is to use a compressed air blower. Good, but this is still an expense, while the straw trick inserted into the phone is useful and completely free.

To perform this trick, you need to prepare yourself properly. You will need a straw, a plastic bottle top with its cap, a chisel (or a soldering iron if you have one), and glue (preferably hot glue). Using a soldering iron or hot chisel make a hole in the bottle cap so you can pass the straw through. Place the straw in the hole, one part of which is inside the bottle and glue it to the cap with hot glue. Once the installation is dry, place the vacuum tube in the bottle. It should look like this:

Once all is well, you can use the straw on hard-to-reach places on the surface of your phone. For larger openings, you can insert it inside. In this way, you can absorb all the small dust particles and crumbs that are there. You can use this same trick to clean USB, HDMI, and other connectors on your computer, TV, and other home devices. This is a simple and inexpensive method that will remove dust from your electronic devices and extend their life.

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