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May 1 Mobilization: Drones will be used in several cities to monitor demonstrations

This Monday, May 1, some cities are using camera drones for the first time to monitor marchers and avoid overcrowding in the event of rallies against pension reform.

A first in France at the national level. This Monday, May 1, some cities will begin the use of drones to control potential flooding in their parades. The provinces of Bordeaux, Lyon and Le Havre have confirmed their decision, while this 13th day of mobilization promises to be “exceptional” according to the CGT. Parisian.

Avoid “vandalism”.

The president of the Gironde explains his choice in view of the “damage, clashes with internal security forces and the vandalism of video security cameras seen during trade union activities between some recent national days”.

For his part, the Hart-Rhône prefect explains: “We report on the experience of municipal buildings being targeted during wild gatherings and on the fringes of demonstrations”.

Approved from January 2022

According to the Law on Criminal Responsibility and Internal Affairs of 24 January 2022, the use of drones with on-board cameras by the police and gendarmes is authorized as part of the prevention of attacks on the safety of individuals and property and the safety of demonstrations. Security.

To reassure the population, the prefect of the Gironde states that “the capture of images is strictly monitored and secure, for example, the interior of houses cannot be targeted”.

Used tonight for the final of the French Football Cup

This drone device was already used on April 22 during a demonstration against the future A69 motorway between Toulouse and Castres.

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This evening has been set up by the Paris Police Headquarters ahead of the final of the French Football Cup. The province informs our colleagues Parisian The “drone imaging device” will be used “to detect and prevent criminal activity, but also to detect disturbances to public order”.


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