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الرئيسيةTop NewsMarinos will leave his position in the federation

Marinos will leave his position in the federation

Marion Clouds, Media365, Posted on Mon May 1, 2023 at 3:30pm.

In his position since 2021, Andy Marinos will step down as Director of Australian Rugby Union this June. To replace him, Phil Waugh’s name appears persistently.

After just over two years in charge, Andy Marinos (50) will leave Australian rugby union with a sense of duty fulfilled. In fact, according to a press release, Rugby Australia (RA) announced the latter’s departure next June “to seize new opportunities.” In a short time, the person concerned allowed the body to show a new face on a financial level. Because, if the federation has suffered greatly due to Covid-19, the accounts are now in the green again and have turned from a deficit of about 16 million euros in 2020 to a profit of about five million euros. euros in 2022.” I am leaving knowing that RA is in a stronger position than when I arrived.Marinos replied, I am proud of what has been accomplished during my tenure. (…) I will be looking forward to the next golden decade for Australian rugby. »

And the ex-dad to replace him?

On the Australian FA side, Hamish McLennan applauded the latter for doing as it should. ” Andy was instrumental in turning the company around. He will leave the RA after completing several major projects including completing the 2027 and 2029 Rugby World Cups, hosting the British and Irish Lions tour in 2025, planning a new contract model for the professional game, and implementing a strategy to professionalize women’s rugby union, the RA boss said. In particular, about Marinos: “A new four-year collective agreement for our male and female professional players” While the transfer will initially be guaranteed, The person who led the Sanzaar consortium for five years could be replaced by Phil Waughthe former third line of the Wallabies, according to the local press.

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