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Map. Fiber optic: connected to your municipal network?

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A bill to address deficiencies in fiber optic connectivity is being considered by the Senate this Tuesday, May 2, 2023. (© The Journal of Vitre)

there Optical fiber Is your home late or have problems been noticed? You are not an isolated case. For years, the deployment of this technology that provides internet access in the French region has been hampered. order.

As these problems persist, politicians have decided to act.

On July 8, 2022, a bill was filed that aims to make operators responsible for the use of optical fiber. It was scrutinized in the Senate on Tuesday, May 2, 2023 in plenary session.

Are you worried?

Delays, shoddy work, unfair layoffs, infrastructure degradation. Technical problem. In our local newsrooms, our journalists regularly report on this kind of issue.

Are you worried? Arcep (Regulatory Commission for Electronic Communications, Posts and Press Distribution) lists common fiber deployments by municipality. Last updated on March 9, 2023.

What is the situation in your field? Find out on our map.

Although the territory appears to be relatively well covered, some areas have very low connectivity rates, particularly in Brittany.

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As for your municipality, is it well connected? Find out with us Painting.

If you’re not yet connected to fiber optics, check to see if your municipality is listed Calendar Future updates. If you face a problem, don’t hesitate to contact Arcep.

What’s the problem?

Let’s recall the context. Note that the France high-speed plan launched by the government in 2013 states that “all French people can benefit from high-speed Internet access (speeds above 30 Mbit/s) by the end of 2022”. Bill.

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According to the Senate, this plan made that possible More than 80% French people could be connected to optical fiber by 2022.

However, this Disruption of balance sheet Over the years “problems arising in realizing the final connection of subscribers affecting the quality of this new network”, can we read? Note of the Senate.

Work on fiber deployment will begin on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, in the municipalities of Petit-Mars, Jous-sur-Erdre and Casson (Loire-Atlantique).
A fitter works hard. (©Image by JDS)

Broadly, these concerns concern the last part of the users’ connection. In most cases, this function is delegated to the Internet service providers themselves A subsidiary contract chain.

The bill reports that “persistent outages” are particularly noticeable in Essonne.

What will this law change?

The proposed law therefore aims to “clarify the chain of responsibilities” by providing a better framework for operations in the sector.

Article 1 proposes to regulate the training of splicers. All people working on networks should check “a”. Certificate required To ensure their skills. No details are given in the definitions of this certificate.

The proposed legislation aims to “restrict” subcontracting, which is primarily responsible for observed malfunctions.

It should be remembered that currently, subcontracting can be up to eight levels; Contributes to a diffuse regime of circumstantial and observed responsibilities where the parties involved cannot be identified.

The bill aims to make operators responsible for the deployment of optical fiber more accountable

Article 2 proposes to add ” indicators In order to better understand the “quality of coverage” of the Internet in France, with the aim of refining the ARCEP data “on the quality of networks”.

Text is directly about users. In fact, it wants to better protect you in the event of a “prolonged interruption of Internet access service.” A Right to Terminate SubscriptionTermination without compensation and subscription fees can be created if the law is adopted.

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