Monday, May 29, 2023
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Lidl: Kitchen robot, vacuum cleaner … what you can buy on the discount brand’s new site

Supermarket chain Lidl has opened an online store to sell its non-food products. Explanations.

No more queuing at your Lidl stores to get the latest trendy sneakers. German supermarket chain just launched Website is online. French customers of the discount store can now have their favorite products delivered directly to their homes.

What products are available in the online store?

Vacuum cleaner, suitcase, food processor, pajama bottoms, drill, motorcycle protective cover, stool… The German brand actually offers a wide variety of non-food products.

How are deliveries and returns handled?

Customers must calculate a minimum of 4.99 euros for shipping costs, regardless of the size of your order. The company notes that additional costs may be added for “bulky items,” particularly statements CNews.

Please note that while returns are free, it is not possible to return items purchased in-store.

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