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“It’s time to pray the robot!” : He asked ChatGPT to give him the correct numbers and won the lottery

The lucky winner promised to pray for artificial intelligence.

In Thailand, a player claims to have Won the lottery using ChatGPT. In a video posted on TikTok on April 3, Battavikorn Boonrin explains that hours before the draw, artificial intelligence asked him which numbers to play for the evening lottery.

ChatGPT instructs him to play the following numbers: 57, 27, 29 and 99. That evening, 99 falls, allowing the player. Win less than 2000 baht or 53 euros.

“It’s time to pray the robot!”

However, before artificial intelligence gives him one of the correct numbers, the human has to be patient. When he asked what numbers to play the lottery, ChatGPT first replied that the lottery is unpredictable. He advised them to go play sports instead.

He then rephrased his question and the artificial intelligence told him that although everything is random, some numbers come out more often than others. Mention that it is necessary “Rather than relying on past statistics, choosing the numbers you want to play randomly or following your instincts”.

In an interview with a Thai newspaper CatDumb and translated into French by the site, The winner promised to pray for artificial intelligence after this narrow victory. “It’s time to pray the robot!”, He declared.

@ai.runlottery Let’s see the full answer #Loyalty Period Date 1st April 2566 of #ChatGPT On the night of 27 March 2566 #Please use judgment when editing the feed #Please use judgment when viewing ♬ Original Sound – Nethaparuai
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