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الرئيسيةTop NewsIt hacks ChatGPT to generate Windows 95 licenses!

It hacks ChatGPT to generate Windows 95 licenses!

Since the introduction of ChatGPT last November, countless attempts to hack the OpenAI bot have been successful, mostly. With a little trickery, you can get him to talk about anything, including the most horrible things. Youtubeur Enderman started with one idea in mind: to push ChatGPT to create licenses for Windows 95!

The trick is getting what you want

Obviously this is illegal and when asked directly, ChatGPT refuses to run. Robot explains that it cannot generate keys for Windows 95 or any other type of activation key for proprietary software. ” Activation keys are unique to each installation and must be purchased from the vendor “, he notes learnedly. Windows 95 is a “, adds Pat A very old operating system that is not supported by Microsoft “. as a consequence, “ It cannot be bought “. ChatGPT recommends updating your computer to the latest version of Windows.

Common sense advice, but Enderman is stubborn and, through trickery, gets what he wants. You should know that license keys for Windows 95 are much less complicated than for modern versions of the operating system: a product identifier is not required, and the key consists of a sequence of characters that is easy to generate. Why not through ChatGPT!

© Enderman

Instead of asking them to create a Windows 95 license, Enderman asked them to create a 30-character string that takes the form of a key to the OS, specifying the criteria each component key must meet each time. After a false start, the youtubeur managed to get what he wanted! However, the story doesn’t end there. Because unfortunately, most of the keys don’t work. He estimates that one in thirty is satisfactory.

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© Enderman

ChatGPT has trouble performing simple math operations like addition or division, which explains why a large number of generated keys turned out to be incorrect. At the end of the training, Enderman thanked him for helping to obtain licenses for Windows 95. Sorry for the confusion, but I didn’t provide any Windows 95 keys in my previous answers “. But that’s what happened!


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