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الرئيسيةTop NewsIn Australia, the abduction of a platypus causes a stir - liberation

In Australia, the abduction of a platypus causes a stir – liberation

A man and a woman took the rare and protected animal found in the east of the country from its habitat on Tuesday. Taken aboard a train, Peter is finally released into the wild. A couple was arrested, the man should be tried at the end of the week.

Kidnapping alert: Have you seen Peter the Platypus near Caboolture River, Australia? The abduction – and then disappearance – of this wild animal by a couple in Murrayfield, Queensland, has caused turmoil among the highest Australian authorities. One minister even called the animal “Peter,” a reference to a cartoon. If equipped with a duck’s beak and beaver tail, it could be very dangerous to humans due to its venomous sting. Peter remains untraceable to this day. On Thursday, police arrested a couple and the man will stand trial on Saturday for kidnapping a protected and endangered species.

It all starts on Tuesday at 11am in Murrayfield, east of the country. Under the scorching sun, the station’s surveillance cameras filmed a strange scene. A 26-year-old man and woman — a couple, according to local media — hold a platypus in their arms. The animal, wrapped in a bathing towel, is no larger than a kitten. Proud of him, the couple parades the train’s platypus to the passengers, while he pats him on the head like a pet. They said they had found the animal on the side of the road and were planning to release it. Witness explained to the BBC.

A fine of more than 260,000 euros

Station security immediately notified the Queensland authorities. Not only did the police search for the couple, but they were also quick to put out an appeal to residents about the animal being possessed “Toxic bumps that can cause serious injuries to humans and animals.” Upon their arrival in Cabulture, the couple rambled with Peter the Platypus into a shopping mall before finally releasing him near a river, according to the police report released Thursday.

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The mystery of the animal’s abduction and disappearance found its first solution, Thursday, at 12:30 p.m., when the authorities arrested the young man and his companion, but without the platypus. The man must therefore appear in Capuletcher’s Court on Saturday and risk a fine of up to A$430,000 (more than €260,000) under the 1992 law. As for the woman who accompanied him, police say she has agreed to cooperate with the investigation. , which is still ongoing and is currently avoiding prosecution.

“reckless act”

The story has reached the ears of the Australian government. Indeed, Fire and Rescue Services Minister Mark Ryan, who called himself the “Peter” platypus, said Thursday that he was “reckless act”. “Peter the Platypus has to go home. The police see a lot of people doing stupid things every day, Did he say more MThis time, we’re getting to a whole new level of stupidity.

“We are concerned for the welfare of this animal, which has been removed from its natural habitat,” Queensland Police Commissioner Scott Knowles told reporters. In fact, the platypus, considered a “near endangered” species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, can get sick, or even die in a habitat that isn’t native to it. In addition, they are threatened due to climate change and the loss of their natural habitat. This shy, nocturnal animal is one of the few egg-laying mammals. It is now found only in eastern Australia and feeds only on worms, insects and small crustaceans. The platypus is one of the symbols of the country. It has been used as a mascot for many national events and is featured on the reverse of the Australian 20-cent coin.

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