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الرئيسيةTop NewsIn Australia, killer spiders that are able to survive underwater take refuge...

In Australia, killer spiders that are able to survive underwater take refuge in swimming pools

The heavy rains that have fallen in recent days in Australia have had unexpected consequences: highly poisonous spiders, which are able to survive in an aquatic environment, have found refuge in swimming pools.

Be careful if you are going on vacation to Australia, swimming in the pool is dangerous! In fact, the killer spiders, Atrax robustus, are the most dangerous tarantula spiders to humans according to Geo Magazinehave been swimming in Australian pools since torrential rains have drenched parts of the country in recent days.

This monster, measuring 5 to 7 cm in height, is part of the family of funnel-web spiders, and is very much found in the Sydney area. Unafraid and offended, she does not hesitate to venture into human-inhabited spaces.

She can kill in 15 minutes

Very aggressive, they are impressive when standing on their hind legs to attack and especially secrete a venom that can be fatal to children and the weak.

If bitten, Atrax robustus can kill within 15 minutes if the antidote is not given quickly. However, no one has died from this spider since the 1980s, when a particularly effective antivenom was developed.

But what do they do in swimming pools? Sam Herman, animal caretaker at Australian Reptile, Explanation to 9Newsin the comments reported by Geo, that heavy rain made the spiders move.

Spiders can last up to 24 hours under water

“They often seek shelter, so the edge of the pool creates the perfect environment for them to hide out while staying dry. However, sometimes they can accidentally fall into the pool.”

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An aquatic environment does not intimidate the Atrax robustus, which is “able to stay underwater by trapping an air bubble in the hairs on its underside,” explains the trainer.

“They breathe differently from humans, so it takes longer for them to drown.” Specifically, 24 hours, in the case of web spiders, which can remain active and bite underwater even if they appear completely dead seconds before.

Thus, many Australians had the unpleasant surprise when they came across this tarantula in the middle of their swimming pools:

In this case, it is advisable to take the animal out with a net and consult a doctor if a bite occurs.


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