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How to use Google Maps without an internet connection

Google Maps lets you download maps of places to your smartphone so you can use them offline if you don’t have internet access.

The democratization of GPS among the general public has revolutionized the way people move. Navigation can sometimes be difficult without integrated navigation apps on smartphones, from Google Maps to Waze via Apple Maps. For example, a situation may arise if you are abroad or in a white zone without internet access.

However, owners of Android devices can find their way without a mobile network or Wi-Fi via Google Maps. All they have to do is pre-download a map of the place they want to visit in the app. Even when viewed offline, the map will allow them to use GPS navigation and get directions.

Download the map on Google Maps: Instructions for use

  • Tap your profile picture at the top right of the screen
  • Select “Offline Maps”.
Screenshot – Tech&Co
  • Click on “Choose your own plan”.
  • Tap “Download” after selecting the location
  • Tap “Offline Maps” to access downloaded maps
Screenshot – Tech&Co
Screenshot – Tech&Co
  • The card is now available anytime

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