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How to Set a Password on Your Google Account to Remove Passwords

Passkeys (access keys) offer many advantages: there is no need to memorize them (no more “abracadabra” and “123soleil”!), they are inherently strong, reduce the risk of data leaks and resist phishing. In addition, hackers prefer classic passwords, which are much less difficult for them! What’s preventing you from setting up a passkey on your Google Account? Let’s go!

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Passwords have always been a necessary evil, giving you a choice between using something very simple (and easy to remember) or something vague enough to be secure, but complex enough to require a password manager.

Until now, the best way to protect your accounts was to combine a password with two-factor authentication (2FA). But now Google offers another solution: using a password. Here we explain what it is and how to use it.

What is Basque?

Access key, or Pass key, a new way to sign in to an account on a website or app. It is a modern alternative to the traditional password that aims to replace it in the long run.

Access keys are not traditional passwords. They are based on pairs of cryptographic keys, a technique related to asymmetric cryptography. This system requires two keys: a private key (to be kept secret) and a public key (to be shared). This approach is commonly used in IT security such as end-to-end encryption of apps like WhatsApp or Signal.

Why switch to password instead of password?

Access keys or passwords offer several advantages over traditional passwords:

  • No need to remember them: private keys are stored only on a user’s devices, which act as passkey managers. They take care of memorizing these keys for you.
  • Core Tough: Passwords are long, strong and unique, making them very difficult to guess.
  • Less vulnerable to data leaks: servers only provide public keys, not private keys, making them less attractive to hackers.
  • Phishing protection: Without passwords to steal, phishing attempts are ineffective. Passkeys are tied to the specific application or site for which they were created, preventing attacks from rogue sites or buried applications.
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Do you want to try it? Here’s how!

Currently, you can generate a passkey on any compatible hardware, including laptops/desktops like Chrome 109, Safari 16, or Edge 109 or later with browsers like Windows 10, Windows 11 or MacOS Ventura (or later). If you’re setting a password on a mobile phone or tablet, it should work on iOS 16 or Android 9 (or later). It can be used with any hardware security key that supports the FIDO2 protocol.

Sign in to Google with a password

You’ll also need to turn on Screen Lock, and turn on Bluetooth if you want to use your phone to connect to another device, like a laptop.

Make as many basques as you want!

Finally, it only works with individual Google accounts (for now). In short, here we go!

  • Start by going
  • If you have an Android phone If you’re already signed in to this account, you may have automatically signed up for an access key. If so, the device will be listed below Auto-generated access keysAnd you can click the blue button Use access keys.
  • If you have an iPhone, tap “Generate a passkey,” then tap “Use another device,” and finally, scan the displayed QR code with your camera. Sign in with Face ID from your iPhone or iPad.
  • You can create multiple access keys, smartphone, PC, password manager etc Dashlane can handle Passwords.

When connecting to your Google Account, you can verify the connection using your built-in access keys.


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