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How do you get a tourist visa for Australia?

Do you want to go to Australia to visit the country? Here are the steps to follow to get the visa as soon as possible.

Steps to follow to obtain a tourist visa for Australia

Australia is a dream country for many travelers, longing to explore its wide open spaces, stroll through its emblematic cities or even follow the Great Ocean Road. As with many countries around the world, a visa is essential for travel to Australia. Are you a little lost in the steps to follow? Here’s how to apply for a tourist visa.

Do I have to go to the embassy to get a tourist visa for Australia?

Some travelers may tell themselves that they will have to plan a trip to Paris to go to the Australian Embassy in the 15th arrondissement and apply for a visa that will allow them to visit the country.

Well, no! Actions are now possible online. Appointment On the Aus-Visa website And all you have to do is allow yourself to be guided.

First of all, let’s have a look at the few points that need to be respected in order to be able to apply for a tourist visa for Australia. First, you must have a valid passport. After that, the application must be submitted outside Australian territory. Finally, you should always remember to apply for a visa for Australia at least two weeks in advance. In fact, the faster the better.

As a reminder, European citizens who wish to travel to Australia for tourism must apply for an eVisitor visa (visa subclass 651), which is an electronic visa. Citizens outside of Europe must apply for an ETA (visa subclass 601) visa.

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Last point, you must be in possession of a bank card to complete your visa application!

Steps to apply for an Australian visa

The advantage of applying for an Australian visa online is that it is possible to do so from anywhere, at home or in the office.

Once you are on the site, you are asked to enter:

  • Personal information: gender, surname, first name, date of birth, country of birth, email address and telephone
  • Passport information: number, nationality, date of issue, expiry, etc.
  • home adress
  • Some additional information: planned date of travel, etc.

Then, some checks allow you to certify that you haven’t gotten into trouble with the law. Then comes the stage of checking the submitted items, paying the fees and verifying. Simply !

What is the processing time for tourist nail application in Australia?

When applying for a ‘classic’ Australian tourist visa, a response comes within 3 to 9 days. But if necessary, urgent or very urgent application is also possible, with deadlines shortened respectively from 24 hours to 1 hour!

In fact, Aus-Visa is responsible for linking your application to the Australian administration. Then you get the answer by email and when it is positive, your e-Visa is emailed to you. Note that the eVisitor Australia visa is electronically linked to the passport number you used to apply.

Please note that a tourist visa for Australia is valid for one year, but you can only stay 90 consecutive days in the country. Several entrances and exits are possible during the validity of an electronic document. Bon voyage to the other side of the world!


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