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Here’s what iOS 17 has in store for you

At WWDC, Apple should raise the curtain on its phones’ future operating system. But the announcements have already surfaced on China’s Twitter, Weibo.

More than a month to Apple’s WWDC, new features of iOS 17 have already been leaked. The manufacturer counted its conference in early June to reveal the future functions of its phones’ operating system. However, on the social network Weibo (Chinese Twitter), the functions added by the new version of iOS have already been described, finding a special platform. 9to5Mac.

Seven new features for the upcoming iOS 17 are detailed. As already announced by brand experts including Mark Gurman, the next version of the iPhone operating system does not contain any major revolution. These are mostly in line with the changes already made by iOS 16.

The biggest change is that the control center will have the right to a new design. Other changes mainly concern the customization functions introduced in iOS 16.

A new look for Apple Music

Thus, the layout of the library can be modified and customized. It is now possible to share a custom lock screen with other iPhone users. Finally, new possibilities will be added to make your screen unique in terms of fonts and wallpapers.

Apple Music must also own the rights to new features. A song’s lyrics are now displayed directly on the home screen. An update to the app should include less text in favor of more visuals.

The last innovation expected in iOS 17 is about the device’s flashlight function. Unlike the current system that only offers four different levels, users can freely adjust the desired brightness level.

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The person who published the information The appearance of the yellow iPhone 14 marketing announcement was before its formalization. But as 9to5Mac points out, this paradigm lends credibility to the leak, but some caveats are still needed.

Key ingredients


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