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Here’s the unlikely reason Australia entered the singing competition

The countdown started before the file was broadcastEurovision 2023! The event will make its big return next month with the semi-finals on May 9 and 11, and then the grand final on May 13. 67ᵉ edition of the competition It will take place in Liverpool and will be broadcast significantly on France 2. In total, these are approx 200 million viewers Around the world who must follow the competition on the small screen.

last year it isUkraine Who crushed the competition and won the competition. Over 439 points awarded by the audience, A.J Real record ! According to tradition, the European Broadcasting Union tasks the winning country with organizing the contest. However, the Russian invasion of Ukraine eventually causes the organization to revise its plans. So the keys to the contest were handed over to United kingdomcame in second.

Imminent broadcast ofEurovision 2023

Ukraine, however, will be in the spotlight during this edition. The Ukrainian flag has been remarkably preserved in the official logo for the 2023 edition and one of the four people slated to be featured is Ukrainian. Several former Ukrainian actors were also invited. Moreover, theinfatuation about theEurovision It also led the regulators to rethink voting system viewers.

With the competition increasingly watched around the world, the organizers decided to include spectators from across the globe Payable to non-participants in the voting system. Thus, during the semi-finals and finals, the online voting of non-participating countries will be converted into points and you will be awarded same weight from a participating country. ” These changes give more weight to the broad audience afterwards one contest its kind. », The competition’s executive director, Martin Osterdahl, participated.

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A non-European participating country raises questions

Another surprising fact of this Eurovision 2023: l ‘Australia He will still be there! An amazing choice considering the location of the participating country. In theory, only member states of the European Broadcasting Union can participate inEurovision. to me 60 years of competition In 2015, however, the organization filed break the rulee to Australia, whereEurovision It has been broadcast since 1983 by SBS and has been a huge hit.

In the face of this enthusiasm, Australia gained ground Associate Member from EBU. This is why the country was invited in 2015. To reward the loyalty of Australians, the foundation allowed the country to try its luck just once. The experiment was to be repeated only in case of victory. That year, the Australian representative Jay Sebastian He finished fifth. ” And Disguised success The EBU allows Australians to submit a candidate again in 2016.” mentioned France information.

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40 years of success in Australia

In 2016, « No more asking Permit passage : The country, like the rest of the competitors, must face the semi-final stage. Australia qualified each time to ConclusionExcept in 2021. For the 2023 edition, it’s the group Voyager Who will represent the country with his song Prepare. If Australia wins the competition, the competition will not be the same Transfer to Oceaniabut would hold up well in Europe with the help of the Australians.

When someone asks me why Australia loves EurovisionI often reply that it was because we didn’t want to miss a party.”Josh Martin, head of the Australian delegation to Eurovision and head of entertainment at SBS, one of the two Australian public broadcasting groups, joked. This does forty years Australia is watching the event. As early as 1983, SBS broadcast the contest on tape delay, with commentary from the BBC. The state now expects only one thing: Victoire !


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