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Here are the easiest and most effective ways to hide visible cables in your home

With the advent of modern technology, our homes have become veritable entertainment centers. From computers to televisions to speakers, electronic devices occupy our daily lives. However, these numerous electrical cables and unsightly wires can quickly turn a well-appointed room into a visual mess. Fortunately, there are smart and simple solutions to hide those messy cables and make your space look great.

Self adhesive cable covers

Self-adhesive cable covers are very easy to install. They have a strong adhesive on the back, which makes it easy to attach them to various surfaces such as walls, skirting boards or tables, without the need for drilling or complicated work.

They are usually available in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns, giving you the opportunity to easily adapt them to your decor. You can find them In a transparent version for maximum customization or in a color that matches your walls For a harmonious integration. This is an easy way to organize your cables.

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Cable sheaths

It is not easy to hide electrical wires in the wall. Cable ducts help Combine multiple threads together to keep them organized and out of trouble. This greatly simplifies cable management, avoids entanglement and facilitates their identification and subsequent handling. Therefore, they are usually made of flexible and soft materials such as plastic or neoprene.

Cable ducts make the space more aesthetic by hiding visible cables. They provide a clean and elegant look, helping to create a more pleasant and elegant environment in your home or office. So you can fix them on walls, baseboards or even Under a table using clips or glue.

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Cable grommets

Cable grommets allow cables to pass through a discreet opening in a piece of furniture, desk or wall. It helps in bundling and organizing the cables, thus avoiding Clutter and wires issues. Cable grommets are generally easy to install. They are available in different shapes and sizes to suit the specific needs of your organization. To fix them, you can use:

  • screws,
  • clips,
  • Adhesives.

Cable covers for wall mounted televisions

If you have a wall-mounted TV in your living room, there are specially designed cable management systems to hide wires behind the screen. Wall mounted TV cable covers are designed to fit seamlessly For your current installation.

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They are often available in matching colors or in a transparent version that is practically invisible once installed. This helps you focus on the TV screen rather than the surrounding cables.

These cable covers are often fitted Plastic covers that attach directly to wall brackets And it allows cables to run smoothly. No more dangling cables!

Cable ducts

Cable conduits are very robust solutions for covering cables over long distances or in high traffic areas. They look like trunking and can be installed on walls or under floors. They are flexible and can be cut or assembled to the required dimensions.

And, they allow Then add or remove cables, providing a scalable solution for future wiring needs. Therefore, they provide additional protection to the cables while keeping them out of sight.

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Paint the cable covers

If you have already selected a cable cover in the form of skids on your walls, the color will not be the same. By painting your cable covers to match the color of your walls or furniture, You can make them more discreet and harmoniously integrate into your decor. This creates a more aesthetic and professional look, reducing the visual impact of exposed wires.

Choose a paint that matches the material of your cable covers. Be sure to use the appropriate paint For plastic, metal or any other materials Specific to your cable cards. Prepare surfaces properly before painting and follow manufacturer’s recommendations for best results.

Cut the visible cable


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