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Here are 10 countries with the fastest internet connection in the world

Ookla, a company that studies the performance of Internet access in the world, provides a ranking of countries with the fastest Internet connection. France is not in the top 10.

Nothing is worse than a web page that takes too long to load. Today, we all look for the most powerful network and device, down to the millisecond, which allows us to wait less time to access the Internet. A video is too long to load, we’re tearing our hair out!

But some countries do better than others. Here is the ranking of 10 countries with the best internet access. This classification applies only to landlines, the mobile classification is slightly different.

Even for those unfamiliar with this ranking, there are some terms to understand first.

Mbps corresponds to megabits per second. A megabit is a unit of data size measurement.

Latency time is a measure of the waiting time between an incoming message and its response. That is, it tells you how long it takes your computer, phone or tablet to process the information you need or give.


Internet speed world champion Singapore! Whether downloading content from the web or exporting from your landline, Singapore is fast. In fact, the delay time is only 4 ms or 0.004 seconds. The download speed is 235.40 Mbps and 200.71 Mbps for transfers.

On the other hand, the city-state is far from number one when it comes to ranking on mobile. It is placed there 22ᵉ.

United Arab States

Behind Singapore is the United Arab Emirates. With a latency time of only 5 ms, its internet users need not shy away from those who are a little higher in the rankings. The download speed is 221.87 Mbps and 103.43 Mbps for transfers.

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Additionally, the country tops the mobile speed rankings.


Just behind the United Arab Emirates, Chile benefits from better internet connectivity on average. Internet users on landline will benefit from 6ms latency. The download speed is 220.39 Mbps and 129.7 Mbps for transfers.

The ranking is very low when it comes to mobile connectivity. Indeed, Chile 73ᵉ!


China is next to Chile, but the speed of completing tasks on the Internet is much slower there. Latency time on landline is 13 ms. The download speed is 216.83 Mbps and 38.44 Mbps for transfers.

For mobile, it ranks 8ᵉ.


Denmark 5ᵉ in both fixed and mobile rankings. Perhaps it is the country with the best compromise. Download speed is good as it is 7 ms. The download speed is 203.78 Mbps and 109.86 Mbps for transfers.


Thailand also ranks very high! Latency time for internet users on landline is 5 ms, download speed is 201.02 Mbps and transfer speed is 172.89 Mbps.

She’s 53ᵉ so she’s even higher in the mobile rankings.


Despite being neighboring countries, the principality ranks higher than France. Latency time is 5 ms, download speed is 199.19 Mbps and transfers 137.20 Mbps.

Monaco Mobile is not ranked.


You would have thought that the country that is home to Silicon Valley would be very high on the rankings! However, America is not the best, although its place is still high. Latency time is 13 ms, download time is 197.84 Mbps and transfers are 23.2 Mbps.

The country that saw the birth of the best technologies is ranked 19ᵉ in the mobile ranking.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong, which made it to the top 10, is doing even better with its stable internet network. Latency time is 4 ms, download time is 197.24 Mbps, and transfer time is 139.34.

Hong Kong ranks 40th in the mobile ranking.


Finally, internet users in Romania benefit from a stable internet connection, which means they don’t have to be embarrassed in front of others.

Latency time is 5 ms, download time is 179.65 Mbps and transfer time is 112.44.


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