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Head-to-head comparison: Sony Alpha 7 IV (A7 IV) vs Panasonic Lumix S5 II

33 MB vs 24 MB

Sony capitalizes on the number of megapixels. The A7 IV is actually equipped with a 24×36 CMOS backlit sensor of 33 Mpx, while the S5 II is content with a more conventional definition of 24.2 Mpx. Two sensory cells are mechanically stabilized.

Increased sensitivity

If the gain in megapixels makes it possible to gain a bit of cropping, the increase in sensitivity will be relatively the same. Grain is almost invisible up to 800 ISO and the first real distortions appear at 1600 ISO. Then, at 3200 ISO, we master a new course. We can push up to 6400 ISO without many indirect objectives.

Panasonic Lumix S5 II
Sony A7 IV

So images from ISO 12,800 really lose quality and are difficult to use. If these analyzes are as valid for raw as for jpegs, it can equally be noted that the Panasonic’s smoothing of jpegs is understated; A good point.

Exposure latitude

In the management of dynamics, the Sony A7 IV is distinguished by very good reproduction of images despite low light conditions. -4 EV requires waiting before detecting digital noise, and even at -4.6 EV we are perfectly within acceptable limits. With the S5 II, noise is present from -3 EV, albeit limited, and increases from -4 EV.

Panasonic Lumix S5 II
Sony A7 IV

Effortless recovery up to +1.6 EV is possible on the Sony to restore highlights. You can easily push up to +2.6 EV. Beyond that, detail recovery is not impossible, but it will be done at the expense of severe chromatic aberrations.

In this area, the Lumix S5 II is no exception and allows good detail recovery up to +2 EV.

Another round for the Sony A7 IV

The Sony A7 IV wins for image quality thanks to its definition and its excellent dynamic range management.

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