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الرئيسيةTop NewsHe drives his landlord crazy by cutting back on his rent

He drives his landlord crazy by cutting back on his rent

Bad accounts make enemies. In the land of kangaroos, a tenant drives their landlord crazy by subtracting a pittance from their weekly rent. In fact, the occupier withdraws a penny every week from his rent, a scheme that has been going on for several months, he notes. Yahoo News Australian ninth of

You should know that in Australia, rents are mostly paid weekly rather than monthly as in France. Thus, according to the lease, the tenant must pay A$1,200 rent, or approximately €355, per week for a 3-bedroom house, factoring in the difference in cost of living between France and Australia.

But instead of paying the agreed amount, the tenant pays A$1,199.99. A shortage of a penny annoys its owner. “There’s enough madness,” he sighed. Faced with this situation, the lessor sought advice from other Facebook owners. The landlord says, “I am asking for your help in how to deal with a tenant who is clearly enjoying himself at my expense.” “We are now on a 3-month lease, on a 12-month lease,” he specifies.


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The lease will not be renewed

In its defence, the tenant explained that it was only applying the rule established by the Australian Anti-Fraud Authority which states that if payment is made by check or credit card, “there is no need to round up the total value of the transaction”. According to Yahoo News, through this gesture, the tenant was expressing his dissatisfaction with the dwelling which, according to him, would require several repairs such as “the creaking door of the linen closet”, “the cold water tap in the kitchen [qui] Has a very high pressure “or” ducted air conditioner in the second bedroom [qui] makes noise.”

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Status will end next year. As expected, the landlord told the tenant it was “obvious” that he would not be renewing his lease, which expires in February 2024.

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