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Google TV is getting a makeover with two great new features in the menu

Google TV has undergone a good update, which on the one hand allows it to improve its storage system and on the other hand improves its performance.

Google TV, the platform for television, is entitled to a more than welcome update. Mountain View offers a new set of features Post to the Google TV Help Community. Two major upgrades were made, one related to storage and the other to performance.

App hibernation is the first innovation introduced. It forces apps to “hibernate” when they haven’t been used for more than 30 days, we read. This hibernation allows you to play on the available storage space on the system, which refers to the Californian giant.

Always more space

Android App Bundles (AAB) have been reworked as app sizes have been reduced by approximately 25%. Here, Google TV uses only the parts of the app you need, not the entire app, to free up space on your device.

Chromecast HD test with Google TV

As a reminder, AABs were awarded in 2018. This format is increasingly being pushed by the American manufacturer, which aims to replace its APK number. It is small, fast and very practical in many respects. Google will also penalize developers who are now limited to APKs.

Fast and very responsive OS

In terms of performance, Google says it has reduced the response time between your remote control and your TV. In addition, Google TV should now run faster, while the loading animation on restart has also been optimized.

All of these minor improvements are already in use or already implemented on your devices, Google says. Now all you have to do is enjoy it.

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