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Google Bart: Don’t see her in France for a while! – Video Games PC and Consoles

At the last Google I/O conference, Mountain View announced the launch of the company Google Bart, an artificial intelligence chatbot with apps like ChatGPT. Although available in 180 countries, France has yet to access this new tool. In this article, we explain how to bypass this restriction and enjoy Google Bard in France.

Bart may not be coming to Europe anytime soon

Google’s site listing countries with access to Bard has countries from all over the world, but strangely, no nothing EU countries. Well, that’s a blow to what appears to be a planetary triumph of Google-created AI!

If you’re wondering why, Google isn’t letting up Officially. However, it is reasonable to think that GDPR has released its venom. Remember last month, when Italy put the brakes on ChatGPT over similar doubts, would AI really meet those nuanced regulations?

After all, Google allowed a little leeway by saying that further deployments of Bard would retain this, “According to local regulations”.

Google Bart: A new competitor to ChatGPT

After the success of ChatGPT developed by OpenAI, Google decided to battle it out with its own artificial intelligence chatbot. Google Bart. Presented at its annual conference, the conversational AI is based on LaMDA, an advanced language model designed by Google. The newcomer aims to provide a user experience similar to that offered by ChatGPT, while benefiting from the American giant’s latest technological advancements.

Get out of control with a VPN?

We tried and tried but failed… 🙁 I tested using a VPN in Switzerland in the US, then Google asked me to create an account with a phone number to verify, so I paid for the number on/off. does not work. That’s when I gave up…

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If you have a solution don’t hesitate, we’re all here, just ask.


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